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Meridian Trust - Corporate and Fiduciary Services, provides a comprehensive range of company registration services, tax-planning and related corporate services for companies that wish to operate in Cyprus as well as in other offshore jurisdictions.

You can reduce tax and sleep at night

With every possible loophole being closed and more and more draconian tax measures being imposed all the time, the need for companies and individuals to minimize their potential tax liabilities has never been greater. But not if it entails taking steps that risk compromising the integrity of the business, or will eventually prove illegal.

By choosing Cyprus, which is a member state of the EU (European Union) for your company location — and using our fiduciary services — both of those very unpleasant possibilities are eliminated. Setting up a Cyprus-based company will provide you with a legitimate and highly respectable overseas presence that will stand the test of time. With expert tax planning and efficient tax structures in place, an IBC can also substantially reduce your corporate tax and personal tax liabilities.

Although some businesses have the knowledge and resources to set up an IBC without assistance, engaging professional help in the form of tax professionals and company lawyers — and having people on the spot to expedite the whole process — saves you time, money and stress.

Michal Pacovsky says about quality corporate services of Meridian Trust

"I have been working with Meridian Trust for many years, and each time I'm impressed by the consistent efficiency they show."
Michal Pacovsky – Legal Advisor, Michal Pacovsky & Co Law Office. More testimonials »

We know that choosing the right overseas location for your business is not a task anyone takes on lightly. We also understand that because we're on the spot and you're not, that you might have questions to ask that aren't answered on this website. That's why we offer a free 15-minute consultation, either over the telephone or via Skype.


Why Cyprus?

  • Lowest corporate tax rate in EU: 12.5%
  • Lowest VAT at 19%
  • No withholding tax on dividends
  • An extensive network of double-taxation treaties
  • Access to EU directives and EU VAT registration
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